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We strive to provide the best service at the lowest possible price. We have product specialists available for most products. Please call us with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are staffed with highly knowledgeable employees and look forward to meeting your needs. Highly trained customer service staff and state of the art wholesale Grill Scraper technologies have made Mono Machines a preferred vendor for many federal and local government agencies as well as schools, churches and fortune 500 companies.

Mono Machines is classified as a disadvantaged minority owned business and holds a GSA contract with the federal government. The company began as a Sole Proprietorship in 2006 with the vision of providing unmatched customer service while utilizing bleeding-edge web technologies for an unprecedented customer experience.

Years of hard work and an unwavering commitment to customer service laid the foundation for what has become a multi-million dollar company. Beyond a meticulous approach to customer satisfaction, Mono Machines LLC has continued to grow and expand into new markets and continues to seek out new opportunities. Maintaining its role as an industry pioneer, Mono Machines LLC continues to embraced the potential of technological innovation, and has created a unique e-commerce platform that is unmatched in the industry. With a constant focus on the unique challenges of an "older" office machines industry, Mono Machines LLC leverages these new technologies to expedite the industry's transition into the 21st century. In the face of a depressed economy, Mono Machine LLC has continued to grow 100% year-over-year since its inception. An expanding product offering and deeper penetration into the government markets has spurned this growth which is on-pace to continue in 2010.

A gift of wine and cheese can’t often go wrong

A gift of wine and cheese can’t often go wrong. They are a great solution to Meat Grinder Spare Parts manufacturers the problem of what to get those hard to buy for friends – for those people who have everything. Wine and cheese can also fill the bill when you need to buy for someone you don’t know real well, like your boss, or if you are the boss, an employee. The only thing you need to know about them is if that person enjoys wine.To turn a gift of wine and cheese into something extra special, put a little time and thought into. Don’t just run to the market and grab a bottle of wine and a log of cheese and be done with it. You don’t need to buy more than one or two bottles of wine or whole array of cheese. Just add some little extras that will make the gift more interesting and present it in an entertaining way. Here are some ideas.How to Make Your Gift MemorablePlan a theme for the gift before you shop. Pick a country like Italy or go with a patriotic American theme. When you plan a gift around a theme, some of the artisan or more unusual cheeses may come into play. You may need to order something on line or make a trip to the gourmet store in your area.AN ITALIAN WINE AND CHEESE GIFTThis Italian theme is always fun. Here are just some of things you can include in an Italian wine and cheese gift.·    A bottle of Sangiovese or Barbera from Italy - Both these wines come from the Lombardy region and go well with cheese.· Coincidentally, this region also produces a cheese called Taleggio - This is a very moist cheese with a rind similar to Brie. If you can’t find Taleggio, substitute a Brie. Add another Italian cheese like provolone.·   


A package of Italian bread sticks on which to spread the soft cheese.· A large fruit or pasta bowl with an Italian theme - It may be painted with grape leaves, bottles of wine, or even tomatoes and peppers. You can find fun items like this just about anywhere. It doesn’t have to be expensive.·    A kitchen towel with an Italian theme.Once you have collected your gift items, arrange everything inside the bowl so that it makes a nice presentation. There are some tips in the next section to help you do that.PATRIOTIC THEMEMaybe you’ve been invited to a Fourth of July party. Take your hosts a patriotic wine and cheese gift that could include any or all of these items:·    A small galvanized bucket for the presentation.· It is the Fourth of July, so be sure to buy American wine and American made cheese. Maybe a cabernet from the Texas hill country and a bottle of champagne from Korbel in California. Pick up a big brick of extra sharp Tillamook cheese from Oregon and an artisan blue cheese from Vermont.·    Two plastic wine glasses. You may even be able to find a stars and stripes pattern.·    A couple of American flags to decorate the package.·    Cream cheese and some jalapeno jelly, plus some patriotic-themed cheese spreaders.·    Red, white and blue paper napkins.Tips for Preparing Your Wine and Cheese GiftIf want to present your gift in a basket, bowl, bucket, or some other type of clever container, you need a way to arrange your items in a pleasing but stable display. Consider using some wadded up paper or even old packing peanuts in the bottom of the basket or bowl to make the bottom higher. You don’t want the wine and cheese to sit deep in the bottom of your container.Cover the packing material with decorative shredded paper or a towel that goes along with the theme of the gift. Then start to arrange the items, larger ones in back, smaller in the front.This brings up the problem of holding the items in place.

You can buy large shrink wrap bags at craft stores. Place your bowl or basket of items in the bag; pull it tight around the gift and tie at the top. These bags are made for this kind of job and give your gift a professional feel. Another Way to Give a Wine and Cheese GiftDepending on what your budget is, there is another way to go with this type of gift. If you have a close family member or friend that you know is really into wine and cheese and loves trying new varieties, you might consider giving them a membership to a wine of the month and a cheese of the month club.These memberships can be for as little as three months or as long as a year. Whatever option you choose, you’ll know that the person’s gift will give them pleasure for at least three months with each box of wine and package of cheese that arrives.Come see what waits for you at a  Wine and Cheese of the Month Clubs.

Two transparent safety guards cover the entrances

MBM is well-known for delivering high unger blades wholesale quality office products. Their Triumph line of cutters is actually produced by their parent company IDEAL and offers the same superior craftsmanship. The 4250 Electric Paper Cutter is designed to slice through large volumes of paper swiftly and easily. With automatic and safety features to provide convenient and safe operation, this is one machine to take a closer look at. Here are the details. Strengths: The Safety Cutting System is standard on Triumph cutters. Two transparent safety guards cover the entrances to the blade.

A main switch and safety lock require a key, preventing unauthorized use of the device. Electronically controlled two-handed operation keeps your hands busy while the blade is being used. The blade automatically returns from every position and stops instantly via disc brake. Both the blade and the cutting stick can be changed without removing the covers and the blade changing device covers the cutting edge so that the sharp surface is never exposed. Blade depth is adjusted from the outside of the machine. All these features work together to ensure injury free, safe operation.A digital display provides precise back gauge measurements. The readout ensures precise positioning. This machine features a precision side guide with an alternate measuring scale and a bright LED optical cutting line. The spindle guided back gauge with a calibrated crank allows you to fine tune the position by slowly turning the handle.The knife as well as the clamp are electronically controlled. The simple push of a button causes the clamp to securely hold the paper while the blade swiftly slices through.

The blade and carrier are made out of solid Solingen steel, a high grade German material. Adjustable blade guides and all metal construction add to the heavy duty sturdiness. MBM backs this machine with a one year warranty.An optional stand or cabinet offer a convenient storage spot for your cutter. The cabinet provides extra space for future or finished cutting jobs.A stack 1.5" thick can be sliced at once. Paper can be as wide as 16-7/8" and slice as narrow as 1-3/8". Length is up to you but the table stretches out 15-5/16" behind the blade and 9" in front. Weaknesses: While this machine is electric, it doesn't offer programmable settings. Manual adjustments aren't hard to accomplish and still provide precise cutting. However, if you'd prefer a device that can be programmed to your specifications, we suggest the 4810EP.A 1.5" stack is fairly thick to cut through. But companies with extremely high volumes of items to cut through may want something more substantial. The next model up, 4810D, can accommodate up to a 3" thick pile as well as a two inch wider cutting width.By itself, this device weighs 191lbs, more with the optional stand or cabinet. Since neither have casters, you will need to use a dolly to move it around if needed. Overall, the MBM Triumph 4250 is a unger blades high quality, heavy duty cutter perfect for any high production company needing a paper cutter. Abundant safety features will keep your office injury free while still providing a convenient and efficient machine. We think the 4250 is an excellent addition to any large business.

When it comes to paper cutters

When it comes to paper cutters, choosing a unger blades wholesale device made by MBM is always a good idea. One of their most technically advanced devices is the Triumph 4850D Automatic Paper Cutter. Here's a look at what this machine has to offer. The 4850D is a high-quality paper cutter that can process a lot of sheets at once. It has a 3-inch cutting capacity so it will be able to cut more than 600 sheets at once. That makes this machine ideal for workplaces that need a heavy-duty cutter.This device has a large work table that can accommodate both large and small pieces of paper. There's almost 18” of space behind the blade and almost 14” in front of it. The cutting width is 18-7/8” which is perfect for larger sheets of paper.This machine's blade is made out of Solingen steel, one of the most durable metals available. It's encased in a steel blade carrier and there are adjustable guides so you can position it properly.The “D” in this device's model number indicates that it comes with a digital display. This display will help you position the backgauge properly for more accurate cuts.The 4850D has an automatic clamp that will provide even pressure. This will ensure your sheets are flush when you cut them and you won't end up with a botched job. There are side guides on both the front and rear tables so you can align your paper properly. And you can take advantage of this machine's illuminated cutting line to see where it will cut your paper.This machine is safe to use because it's outfitted with MBM's popular Safety Cutting System. The system includes transparent safety guards, two-handed operation, and an automatic blade return so your hands won't accidentally touch the blade. There's also a blade changing device that covers the sharp edge so you won't cut yourself when replacing the blade.Unlike some of the other cutters on the market, the 4850D comes with a stand so you won't have to shell out any additional money for one. The stand has a shelf so you'll have some extra storage room.

The 4850D is a floor model device so you won't need to make room for it on a desktop. It measures 38-1/4” (depth) x 29-3/4” (width) x 48-1/2” (height) so it's fairly big but it's not huge. However, it is a bit heavy thanks to its 556 pound weight. You'll definitely want to exercise caution when moving this machine.This cutter is backed by a one-year warranty. The MBM Triumph 4850D is a high-quality paper cutter that would be perfect for copy shops, binderies, and other busy work environments. This machine has an excellent cutting capacity and the ability to work with different sizes of paper. The automatic clamp and illuminated cutting line make it easy to get the perfect cut, while the Safety Cutting System ensures you'll remain safe every step of the way. Also, it's great that this device comes with a stand because it will help you save money. Overall, the 4850D is a fantastic cutter so be sure to take a look at it if you need a heavy-duty machine.

The plasma cutter is used widely for various purpose

The use of plasma cutter is quite popular these days as it is known to be one of the most efficient and fast tool for cutting different kinds of metals. However, it requires professional skills to operate it accurately. The Two Different TypesPlasma cutter is basically available in two types- the manual cutters and the automatic cutters. These cutters are mostly used for industrial purposes which include piping and metal sheet fabrication. These two basic types of cutters can be differentiated according to their performance, size and portability. East to use: The manual plasma cutter is quiet easy to use and seldom requires any professional skill for operation. Conducive metals and steel can be cut precisely with the use of manual cutters.

The automatic cutters require professional knowledge so as to operate the programmed machine. Highly portable: Compared to the automatic cutters, the manual cutters are more portable as it is smaller in size. The automatic cutters have control heads which are Meat Grinder Spare Parts manufacturers affixed to a table. The entire machine is controlled by a computer. Accurate: The automatic plasma cutter is more accurate as it is controlled by a computer. It negates the possibilities of errors associated with the manual cutters. Faster operation: The automatic cutters are quicker in comparison to the manual cutters as the dimensions can be programmed into the computer which is further transferred to the control head of the equipment. Therefore with the use of automatic cutters, the operators need not align and clean the metal sheets. The Different Uses The plasma cutter is used widely for various purposes and some of the most important among them are discussed in the following sections.Used by plumbers: It is considered to be one of the most effective tools for cutting pipes. The precision and accuracy of these cutters makes it one of the most efficient tools used by plumbers. Unlike the standard torches, it cuts the edges of a pipe smoothly, making it easy to fix the pipes together.

Metal fabrication: The plasma cutter is considered to be the most versatile tool as it is highly portable. It can be easily carried to work sites to cut huge metal blocks to desirable sizes. Artistic purposes: It is also considered to be an effective tool for artists who are engaged in creating complex and intricate patterns on metal sheets. These cutters can also be used to create templates for other artistic purposes. Industrial purposes: It is also used for large scale production of metal work. It can be easily attached to CNC equipment and programmed to function as per desired requirement. This is considered to be the most effective and economical procedure of manufacturing metal pieces. Dispose huge metal pieces: It is widely used for demolition of huge metal pipes and structures. These cutters can be used to cut the metal pieces from construction sites for easy disposal.

Tamerica produces a lot of terrific pouch laminators

When you need a laminator, it can be difficult to know which manufacturers are good and which ones aren't. But don't worry because this article lists the best laminator

LINE Hub Plate Without Packings Manufacturers manufacturers so you can get a device from a reputable company. Check them out: Akiles makes really great pouch laminators that can stand the test of time. These machines are ideal for laminating a wide range of items from business cards to menus. All of them are capable of providing you with beautiful results so you can take pride in your work. DryLam makes laminators that are frequently used for professional purposes. This company's products include the DryLam 27" which is compatible with school grade, low-melt, and standard grade films so your work will get the protection it needs. DryTac is one of the handful of companies that mainly produce roll laminators. Their devices are designed to handle either narrow or wide materials, and all of them produce crystal clear results. A DryTac unit is a great choice for banners, posters, and so on. Fellowes makes some of the best pouch laminators that you'll come across. These machines have celestial names, such as the Cosmic CL-125, and they definitely produce results that are out of this world.


Best of all, Fellowes laminators usually come with a starter kit so you can begin processing your documents without running to the store. GBC makes both roll and pouch laminators as well as laminating pouches and film. The company makes devices designed for home, school, and office use, so there's bound to be one that's just right for your needs. Also, GBC makes laminating film and pouches so finding the right supplies for your laminator is a snap. Lamitek is the manufacturer of the PhotoPro 13, which is one of the best machines for processing photographs. The company also makes the SL-14, a high-quality device that's ideal for creating professional-looking work. Be sure to check out Lamitek devices if you want to get impressive results. Pro-Lam is the name to look for if you're in the market for a professional-grade roll laminator. This company's machines are extremely sturdy and are perfect for heavy-duty use in copy shops and the like. Whether you need a machine that can handle narrow materials or wide ones, Pro-Lam has the device that's right for your needs. Royal Sovereign is one of the best manufacturers of roll laminators. (They also make pretty good pouch laminators as well.) Many of their machines can not only do hot and cold lamination, they can also handle mounting boards so you can make great-looking visual aids. A Royal Sovereign machine is a great choice when your work needs to look fantastic. Tamerica produces a lot of terrific pouch laminators that can be easily used in the office as well as at school.

This company also makes a couple of top-notch roll laminators that are perfect for large projects. One of them, the VersaLam 2700-P, can even do 1- and 2-sided lamination so whatever you're working on will be processed properly. Xyron is a name that's familiar to crafters thanks to products like the Create-A-Sticker 150. It's a small laminator that can be used to make stickers, labels, and magnets. In addition to their popular creating products, Xyron also makes professional-grade devices that are popular with graphic designers, printers, and so on. These are the best laminator manufacturers out there. Be sure to look for their machines so you can get the device that fits your document finishing needs.

It requires no on-site training

Rocky Smolin, President of Beach Access Software and maker of E-Z-MRP. Smolin emphasizes that E-Z-MRP, “was designed to be used by people who do not have degrees or certification in manufacturing systems. It requires no on-site training or consultation. And it has cut the standard 18-month MRP implementation cycle to as little as 18 days”. The E-Z-MRP package includes a full-featured Bill of Materials processor, plus a material planning and tracking module which tracks all sales orders, forecasts, work orders (planned, firm, and released), purchase orders, shortages, raw materials and finished goods inventories. It also records a complete audit trail on all inventory transactions.
Also included is a physical inventory function, a purchase order module for printing purchase orders and a capacity planning module which reports work center loading and activity based on the user’s cost labor routings. Priced at $2995, the E-Z-MRP system is a fraction of the cost of systems with similar power and capabilities. It will run on any Windows-based PC or network, and requires only Access 2000 or Access XP to run. No on-site or remote training is required. A comprehensive user manual with tutorials provides all the required instruction.

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Oil popped popcorn

No, all nuts are not created equal. Candy coated snacks aren't necessarily disastrous nutritional choices. And surprise milk labeled "low fat" can contain more butterfat than 

Tomato Slicer factory buttermilk. Confused? Don't be. Just take your reading glasses to the grocery store (so you won't miss the fine print on the labels). And take a gander at the following food facts because most of the time, you just can't judge the health value of a food by its label, looks, or reputation. You simply have to know. Roasted chestnuts make great diet snacks, with less than 5 percent of their calories from fat. Macadamia nuts, on the other hand, deliver 95 percent of calories in fat albeit most is monounsaturated.


Oil popped popcorn can be 45 percent fat, even if it's not buttered! Caramel coated popcorn (usually air popped) gets only 7 percent of its calories from fat. Spinach is considered a good source of iron, but less than 2 percent of it is bioavailable; that means up to 98 percent of the iron in the plant cannot be readily absorbed by the body. By drinking orange juice with your meals, you can boost your body's absorption of iron from plant foods by as much as 400 percent, because vitamin C, which is abundant in oranges, enhances iron's bioavailability. Red peppers have almost 1½ times more vitamin C than green and almost 11 times as many carotenoids, which your body converts to vitamin A. Chasing an iron rich dinner with a cup of coffee or tea can reduce your body's absorption of the mineral by 40 to X5 percent. The culprit, apparently, is the tannin in tea and coffee, which binds iron. In terms of vitamin C content, oranges pale in comparison to black currants. One half cup of black currants has almost 1½ a times the vitamin C of an orange. Ounce for ounce, cauliflower also has more vitamin C than oranges. In fact, just 1 cup of cauliflower delivers more than your daily requirement. Pink or ruby red grapefruit contains up to 26 times more carotenoids than the white variety. Tofu, a high-protein soybean curd, actually contains more than half of its calories in fat. The good news is that, unlike animal protein, which can be high in saturated fat and cholesterol, tofu is mostly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat with no cholesterol.

Not all pork products are as fatty as you might think; lean pork tenderloin gets only 26 percent of its calories from fat. Not all turkey products are as lean as you might think. While skinless turkey breast has less than 5 percent fat calories, turkey bologna and franks can contain up to 70 percent of their calories in fat. A 3½ounce serving of roast venison has fewer calories and fewer calories from fat than roasted skinless chicken breast. Trimming visible fat from meat and skinning poultry can cut the saturated fat content by more than one half; inter estingly, however, it has very little effect on the cholesterol content. Shellfish are generally high in cholesterol but surprisingly low in saturated fat; four large raw shrimp, for example, tip the scale with 152 milligrams of cholesterol but a scant! of a gram of saturated fat. Even though it sounds rich, buttermilk has less fat per serving than 1 percent low fat milk. Two percent low fat milk is 2 percent fat by weight, but actually contains 35 percent of calories from fat; 1 percent low-fat milk is about 23 percent fat calories. Less than 5 percent of the calories in skim milk come from fat. An ounce of fudge has about half the fat of a I ounce brownie.