A gift of wine and cheese can’t often go wrong

A gift of wine and cheese can’t often go wrong. They are a great solution to Meat Grinder Spare Parts manufacturers the problem of what to get those hard to buy for friends – for those people who have everything. Wine and cheese can also fill the bill when you need to buy for someone you don’t know real well, like your boss, or if you are the boss, an employee. The only thing you need to know about them is if that person enjoys wine.To turn a gift of wine and cheese into something extra special, put a little time and thought into. Don’t just run to the market and grab a bottle of wine and a log of cheese and be done with it. You don’t need to buy more than one or two bottles of wine or whole array of cheese. Just add some little extras that will make the gift more interesting and present it in an entertaining way. Here are some ideas.How to Make Your Gift MemorablePlan a theme for the gift before you shop. Pick a country like Italy or go with a patriotic American theme. When you plan a gift around a theme, some of the artisan or more unusual cheeses may come into play. You may need to order something on line or make a trip to the gourmet store in your area.AN ITALIAN WINE AND CHEESE GIFTThis Italian theme is always fun. Here are just some of things you can include in an Italian wine and cheese gift.·    A bottle of Sangiovese or Barbera from Italy - Both these wines come from the Lombardy region and go well with cheese.· Coincidentally, this region also produces a cheese called Taleggio - This is a very moist cheese with a rind similar to Brie. If you can’t find Taleggio, substitute a Brie. Add another Italian cheese like provolone.·   


A package of Italian bread sticks on which to spread the soft cheese.· A large fruit or pasta bowl with an Italian theme - It may be painted with grape leaves, bottles of wine, or even tomatoes and peppers. You can find fun items like this just about anywhere. It doesn’t have to be expensive.·    A kitchen towel with an Italian theme.Once you have collected your gift items, arrange everything inside the bowl so that it makes a nice presentation. There are some tips in the next section to help you do that.PATRIOTIC THEMEMaybe you’ve been invited to a Fourth of July party. Take your hosts a patriotic wine and cheese gift that could include any or all of these items:·    A small galvanized bucket for the presentation.· It is the Fourth of July, so be sure to buy American wine and American made cheese. Maybe a cabernet from the Texas hill country and a bottle of champagne from Korbel in California. Pick up a big brick of extra sharp Tillamook cheese from Oregon and an artisan blue cheese from Vermont.·    Two plastic wine glasses. You may even be able to find a stars and stripes pattern.·    A couple of American flags to decorate the package.·    Cream cheese and some jalapeno jelly, plus some patriotic-themed cheese spreaders.·    Red, white and blue paper napkins.Tips for Preparing Your Wine and Cheese GiftIf want to present your gift in a basket, bowl, bucket, or some other type of clever container, you need a way to arrange your items in a pleasing but stable display. Consider using some wadded up paper or even old packing peanuts in the bottom of the basket or bowl to make the bottom higher. You don’t want the wine and cheese to sit deep in the bottom of your container.Cover the packing material with decorative shredded paper or a towel that goes along with the theme of the gift. Then start to arrange the items, larger ones in back, smaller in the front.This brings up the problem of holding the items in place.

You can buy large shrink wrap bags at craft stores. Place your bowl or basket of items in the bag; pull it tight around the gift and tie at the top. These bags are made for this kind of job and give your gift a professional feel. Another Way to Give a Wine and Cheese GiftDepending on what your budget is, there is another way to go with this type of gift. If you have a close family member or friend that you know is really into wine and cheese and loves trying new varieties, you might consider giving them a membership to a wine of the month and a cheese of the month club.These memberships can be for as little as three months or as long as a year. Whatever option you choose, you’ll know that the person’s gift will give them pleasure for at least three months with each box of wine and package of cheese that arrives.Come see what waits for you at a  Wine and Cheese of the Month Clubs.